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  1. It is with a heavy heart that I announce I am closing down my shop on Cauldwell Lane in Monkseaton. I’ve kept quiet about this decision for a while now, simply because I don’t really want it to happen. To have to explain to all my lovely customers and local crafters who have supported me from day one, has to be the hardest thing I think I’ve ever had to do.

    So, why am I closing?
    A couple of reasons, firstly money! Keeping up with the overheads of the shop and being unable to pay myself a wage is a crushing blow I’m afraid. Secondly, I’m a maker. A creator and I want more than anything to get back to my roots. The responsibility of running a shop limits the time I have to create as well as being very hard work, its time consuming.

    So, what happens now?
    Well from Friday 25th March 2016 the shop will be permanently closed.

    But it’s not all doom and gloom! I’m still going to run The Crafters Makery! I’m just going to be based at home undertaking commissions as normal in my lovely new workroom. I’m still going to be supporting local crafters and artists by attending local markets and craft fairs selling our fabulously locally made products. I’m still going to be running our ever popular workshops, I’ve just changed the venue. You’ll still be able to buy from us, but it’ll just be via our website and Facebook page.

    Life is a journey and we never know which direction we’ll go. I’ve lived my biggest dream and absolutely loved it! But it has also shown me what else I want to do, how much more I want to learn. I hope you can all appreciate the very difficult decision I’ve had to make.

    To all our crafters, artists, friends – what a talented bunch you are and thank you for being so supportive and inspiring.

    Finally, I just want to thank you all, every single one who has made this journey possible. You are all amazing and I hope you keep in touch with The Crafters Makery’s continued exploits!

    This is not the end; it’s just a new beginning in a new direction!
    Lots of love,
    The Crafty Maker!

  2. Who knew that less than 6 months from starting this Crafting journey I'd be fulfilling a lifelong dream! In July 2014 I'll be opening my first shop :)

    The Crafters Makery will have a permanent home at 40 Cauldwell Lane, Monkseaton, NE25 8LN.  We'll be bringing you beautiful furniture, crafty kits and bits and bobs, crafty workshops, gifts, homeware and much more.  I hope you'll join us soon at our new home.  Follow us on Facebook: or Twitter: @craftersmakery for further details about our launch!